Residential Commercial

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Cut Sheets

Grace Light Cut Sheet

Grace Puck Light Cut Sheet

Grace Recess Puck Light Cut Sheet

Grace Color LED Cut Sheet

Korona Cut Sheet

Korona Reflections Cut Sheet

Korona Tri-Line Cut Sheet

Crystal Cut Sheet

Crystal Puck Cut Sheet

Crystal Recess Puck Cut Sheet

Versa - Utility LED Cut sheet

Opal - Variable Color Temperature LED



Capital Closet Rod Light

Jewel RGBW

Controls and Accessories

TLD-DMU Manual Dimmer Control

TLD-DMU-010 Wall Switch Dimmer Control

TLD-WD wireless Dimmer Control . . . . . Watch Video

TLD-RGB-BT Bluetooth RGBW Controller

Multi controller (RGBW, CCT and Mono color)

Power Supplies, Dimmers and Accessories

Opal - Power Supplies and Accessories

Cabinet Door Switch, TLD-SK1

Hi Low Off Dimmer Switch, TLD-DM-HL

On Off Switch, TLD-SW1

Power Amplifier, 3 Channel, (RGB, RGBW, Mono)

Power Amplifier, 4 Channel, (RGB, RGBW, Mono)


Grace/Crystal/Puck Installation Instructions

Grace Puck Light Through Surface Wiring and Mounting Template

TLD-DMU-010 with a 0-10v Wall Control Switch Box

TLD-DMU-010 with a 0-10v Wall Control Switch Box and a
3-Way Switch

TLD-DMU-010 with a 0-10v Wall Control Switch Box with Multi Power Supplies

Opal Wiring Instructions

RGB Amplifier Wiring Diagrams

TLD-WD wireless Dimmer Control Wiring

15v Wire Distance Chart


Grace Task Lighting - LBT

Grace Activity Lighting - LBQ

Grace Accent Lighting - LBI

Grace Color Changing Light - GCC

Grace Puck Lighting - LP3

Grace Recess Puck Lighting - RP3

Crystal Lighting - CBT

Crystal Puck - LP2

Crystal Recess Puck - RP2

Korona Lighting - KBT

Korona Reflections Lighting - KRBT

Korona Tri-Line - KBT3

Centra Lighting - CSL

Centra XL Lighting - CSXL

Tara Hardscape Lighting - TPS/TPH

Wire Gauge VS Distance Guide

Opal Tunable Lighting - OPL

Versa - Utility LED Lighting - VRS

TitanXL - TTN

Stella - STL

Capital Closet Rod Light - CCR

Jewel RGBW Lighting - JWL


Centra, Centra-XL Sign Lighting Cut Sheet

Centra, Centra-XL Power Supplies and Accessories


Tara Hardscape TPS/TPH Cut Sheet

Tara 24v Wire Distance Chart

Tara Power Supplies and Accessories

Warranty Document