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LED Lighting For The Hospitality Industry

Our versatile product lines provide superior choices for LED lighting to the Hospitality Industry.  Over the years our lighting has been installed in many businesses from bars and restaurants to hotel resort patios.  LED lighting offers limitless options to achieve attractive and intriguing effects to enhance your setting.

Bottle Glorifiers

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Our bottle glorifiers are impressive for displaying premium spirits bottles, with upscale visual effects.  The color changing option expands the possibilities to achieve brilliant or subtle elegant effects via custom programming.


Color Changing Light Fixture

Designed to accentuate hanging glassware, the color changing light fixture provides spectacular effects in a bar or restaurant setting.  These pieces are custom made to order to highlight an area of focus.  Please contact us for further information.

Bar Lighting

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Our Grace Light LED fixture is perfect for brightening your bar area. It adds ambiance and sophistication that will last for years.